training with Altitude

Masks & Accessories

We supply a full range of accerssories and equipment to keep your Altitude Training Systems running non-stop.

In-line Oxtgen Sensors


Easily calibrated by adjusting the reading in normal air using the calibration arrows to reach 20.9%.

The sensor has a time-out function to preserve battery life.

Generator Connection Kit’s


The Generator Connection Kit attaches directly to the generator and includes non-kink 22mm tubing and a 15 litre reservoir bag that smooths the output airflow and also reduces noise in the output air stream.

The kit includes:

  • 15l Silencer Bag
  • 30cm tube
  • 1m tube
  • 2m tube
  • Tube Connector
  • Bacterial Air Filter

Hypoxic Masks

We stock a wide range of Hypoxic Masks and kits available for use with our generator.



Finger tip Pulse Oximeter uses Infra Red to measure blood oxygen saturation and heart rate.
Allows you to monitor the effect of altitude training on your heart rate and blood oxygen level in order to optimize your training benefits.
Exact model may vary from the one shown.