training with Altitude

IHE Courses

Hypoxico’s Intermittent Hypoxic Training system (IHT) enables athletes, injured athletes, and sedentary individuals to enhance performance, increase fitness while injured, and pre-acclimtize to high altitudes.

IHT involves short intermittent inhalations (3-5 minutes) of hypoxic air (10% O2, 20,000ft/6000m) interspersed with inhalations of ambient air (2-5 minutes).

These hypoxic and hypercapnic (increase CO2) cycles recreate a natural physiological training mechanism that occurs in mammalian embryonic development to help newborns fight the initial oxidative stress of hyperoxia at birth. The same effect can boost an adult’s defense against unavoidable oxidative stress, hopefully aiding in the following:

  • Prevention/alleviation of chronic and degenerative illnesses
    (Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer)
  • Slowing of the aging process
  • Promotion of overall health, wellness and rejuvenation

Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy with Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Although strongly geared towards wellness, IHT is actually a very universal training protocol and will prove valuable in any altitude training program.

*IHT should always be performed under doctor or medical professional supervision.

Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure

IHE stands for Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure, a technique of breathing short bursts of mountain air through a mask, alternated with normal air. IHE is the quickest way to adapt to low oxygen.

15 IHE sessions are enough to improve your physiology in order to obtain the competitive advantage in sport, pre-acclimatise for a high altitude trip, or to improve your general wellbeing.

We recommend using IHE as close to your event as possible. 

Benefits for Mountaineering

To climb a mountain you need a certain level of fitness, but fitness alone will not get you to the top. Your body needs to acclimatise to the reduced oxygen found at altitude. The only way you can do that is to spend extra days at altitude or start the acclimatisation process before you go.

Use IHE to assess how you cope at altitude.
• Pre-acclimatise up to altitudes of 6,500m.

IHE stimulates the physiological adaptations necessary to ensure an increased oxygen carrying capacity within the body, ensuring your trip to altitude is safer and more enjoyable. We want you to enjoy the view from the top.

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Benefits for Sport

Oxygen is the limiting factor in sports performance. When insufficient oxygen is delivered to the muscles fatigue sets in. Athletes are using IHE to:

• Stimulate the adaptive process to increase the oxygen carrying capacity within the body
• Increase endurance, speed and power
• Prepare for races at altitude
• Maintain fitness whilst injured
• Recover from chronic fatigue and overtraining

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Benefits for Health

Oxygen is essential for human life. IHE trains your system to increase the carrying capacity of oxygen within your body. By training your system with rhythmical cycles of hypoxic air you are able to enhance all areas of the human system::

• Improve breathing efficiency
• Improve metabolism
• Reduce stress levels
• Increase weight loss
• Improve the antioxidant and immune system
• Improve overall health and wellbeing

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